Virtual Learning vs Home Schooling: Know the Difference

Know the Difference

Virtual Learning is a temporary, on-line delivery of instruction that will be provided by the Quitman County School District. Students will be provided a digital device and some kind of connectivity as a registered student in the district; or instructional packages until students are provided a digital device. Students will also have access to and the guidance of a certified instructor to help them successfully navigate their grade level work through a structured curriculum. Home School is a choice where the parent or guardian takes full control and responsibility of their child’s education by purchasing or building the curriculum. Home School students do not receive administrative support from the local school district. Home School students cannot participate in sports, band, or other extracurricular activities sponsored by the local school district. If your school age child is not registered with the school district by August 10th, or has not registered as a home school student, parents could possibly be faced with truancy issues and legal fines. Please call the Superintendent's office or your child’s principal if you still need clarity on the difference between Virtual Learning and Home Schooling your child.

-Dr. Evelyn Jossell, Superintendent 

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